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Political bargaining power of Dalits and Aadivasis in Madhya pradesh and Demand of Aadivasi CM

Political bargaining power of Dalits and Aadivasis in Madhya pradesh and Demand of Aadivasi CM

मध्यप्रदेश में आदिवासी सीएम की मांग

Madhyapradesh follows very distinct political land in India .There are mainly two party system in Madhyapradesh politics; Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta party. But irony is that in 2018 assembly election total 119 parties participated including 5 national parties, 7 state parties and remaining registered (unrecognised) parties.

Madhyapradesh legislative assembly comprises 230 seats out of which 35& 47 for SCs and STs respectively.
Madhyapradesh is organised as a state in States reorganization act ,1956. However in this 67 year journey of democracy in M.P. there is no Chief Minister related to Aadivasi or Dalit community.

Demand of Aadivasi Chief Minister raises time to time but still it is a unfulfilled dream of lakhs of Aadivasis. There was only one Chief minister who belongs to Aadivasi community. NareshChandra Singh ,a Gond king was chief minister of MP for 13 days only from 13March 1969 to 25 March 1969. Till now ,there is no another CM belongs to tribal community.

Majority required for forming a government is 116 seats out of 230 while 82 seats are reserved for SCs and STs. Only 34 members are required to form a government but still Dalits and Aadivasis are unable to form their own government.

Out of the 107 registered political parties most of the parties are related to Bahujan- Aadivasi politics. If this political parties could be coupled up together then there will be chances to have more power with Bahujan-Aadivasi politics.

Rise of the JAYS( Jay Aadivasi Yuva Sanghatan) raises the issue of Aadivasi Chief Minister but discontentment among the Volunteers put the issue in the bag. When Jays Chief Hiralal Alava joined the Congress party and became MLA then Jays became dormant in the power game.

If all the Bahujan-Aadivasi social groups come together and work as a pressure group for established political party then only dream of Aadivasi Chief Minister might be come true.
•Written by Nikunj Malviya

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