Cyber ​​complaint filed in Bhopal against BJP spokesperson who spread news of Digvijay Singh’s resignation

Bhopal. The fire of elections in Madhya Pradesh has started from today and the news of Digvijay Singh’s resignation seems as if a volcano has erupted. The wind of high speed politics has blown. BJP has been in power for a long time, so Congress’s desire to take power is no less and BJP is afraid that it may lose power. Well, the latest situation is that from about an hour ago, the letter of former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh Rajya Sabha MP resigning from the membership of Congress was making headlines like wildfire on social media and media.

After which Digvijay Singh ji has refuted this and posted it on social media that it has come out of the machine of lies. Which is wrong. I am a loyal party worker and will always remain so. He said that I have taken membership of Congress in 1971 and have always been with the ideology of Congress and will remain in Congress till the end of my life.

After this, the Congress Committee of Madhya Pradesh has lodged a complaint with the Bhopal DCP at the Police Station, Cyber ​​​​Cell Kohefiza, Bhopal that BJP spokesperson Dr. Hitesh Vajpayee has made a letter on forged letter head regarding Shri Digvijay Singh Ji and has forged his signature on social media. It has been released on the media in relation to which a demand has been made to register a case. With the aim of tarnishing the image of former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Rajya Sabha MP Shri Digvijay Singh Ji, BJP spokesperson Dr. Hitesh Bajpai, through his tutor handle, forged the letter head of Shri Digvijay Singh Ji and forged his signature on the National Register of Congress Party. Addressing Chairman Shri Mallikarjun Kharge A conspiracy has been hatched to defame the national leader of the Congress Party for years of loyalty towards the Congress Party by making a fake letter regarding his resignation from all the posts of the Congress Party viral on social media.

Digvijay Singh: Preparing forged documents in relation to defaming former Chief Minister and MP Rajya Sabha comes under the category of serious crime under the Technology Act, therefore, immediate action has been taken by registering a case against Dr. Hitesh Bajpayee under Section 66 of the Information and Technology Act. What should be done will be fair. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee Bhopal has given a complaint application demanding this. Now it remains to be seen what action the police take in this?

A photocopy of Dr. Hitesh Bajpayee’s tweet and letter and its Twitter link have also been given in the application.

In submitting the application, (Yogendra Singh Parihar) ‘Coordinator Social Media, (K.K. Mishra) Chairman Media Department, (J.P. Dhanopia) ‘Vice Chairman and In-charge Election Commission Office etc. have been present.

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